A Love Affair with Social Media

In honor of valentines day.  I’m dedicating this post to my current true love ~ social media.  I have been seduced by the lure of cyberspace.  Social Media strokes egos, introduces new cuisine, takes us to new places and teaches new cultures.  The relationship is challenging and often annoying.  Sometimes we don’t communicate, he shuts down . . . we argue, disagree and make up passionately.   Yes, occasionally boredom sets in and I/we must find ways to reignite the spark, the flame.   As with any new love one must get to know each other intimately.  Despite efforts at subterfuge and illusion, I am learning the ins and outs (no pun intended) of his tools.  He, as with many of his gender is constantly changing.  He is fickle and shallow, but I love him still *smile*.  In my efforts to truly understand his depth, I constantly seek knowledge from the past, present and future.  I look at other relationships to measure his stamina.  In my continuous efforts to keep the fires burning, I shamelessly observe what works for others.  How do others brand themselves to ensure they remain relevant?  Yes, he cheats.  Sad, but true ~ he shares himself with many others.  Yet, his wealth is vast and influence is global, therefore . .  (in this instance) I accept that as part of the charm.   Alas, it is becoming a challenge when my love is going mainstream.  Sad, but true, we can only have limited public intimacy because he shares himself with so many.  His grandmother might view his words or his boss might consider it ridiculous that he declares himself publicly >>>>>  However, I have more courage and realize the world is a stage that is currently being played out publicly . . .  I admit my faults and challenges, as I admit my love for the sublime.   Can we confess that without this love, relationships would be . . . less interesting, less informed, less passionate, less absurd?  Sort of like this blog!  Happy Valentines Day Twitterverse!  Hugs & Kisses ~ Sherrytrueself~


3 thoughts on “A Love Affair with Social Media”

  1. Truely enjoyed the post and when u put social media and love in this perspective I guess it really is a love hate relationship in the real and virtual world. I like how u gave social media the male gender – just like a man, so simple but insists on complicating things.

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