A novice social networking ninja


Hold up! Can I catch up with technology?

I was recently told by my 10 year old that his Nintendo DSI is better than the Nintendo DS because it has “voice applications”.  O.K. I’m really not sure what that means, but he also tells me that he “has to have technology”.   Wow – picture this, Saturday 7pm -me on laptop,  10yr old on DSI and 8yr old playing the wii – dare I predict that good ole T.V. may one day be completely obsolete.   Well i’m excited about technology . . . partly because the boys are no longer compelled to watch t.v. 24/7 (btw – no computer on school nights and limited weekend usage) . . . however, the 10 year old has a potential online video game addiction that he is currently being detoxed from ~ it’s a one step program . . . “No you can’t play” . . . it’s nice to have some power! Oh, are they still called video games??

Question?  How does one figure out how to leverage, understand and effectively utilize all of the available technology tools?  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Ning, WordPress, Bloglink . . . . to name a few.  Linking sites, posting tweets, retweet, status updates ~ blah blah blah~ The new universal language . . . OMG, LOL, BFF, ROTFL, RMAOTFL, SMH,  tee hee, GSR, tweet, retweet, tweetdeck, FB, MySpace, NING, blog, web 2.0., 3.0,  VOIP, skype, voice applications —- I subscribe to the mantra  “fake it til you make it”.

Seriously, when I become proficient, I promise to tweet from a novice perspective.  Honestly, I’m just happy I figured out how to blog all by myself and actually link the share widget . . . today I changed my WordPress theme all by myself . . . true progress indeed.  My next milestone is to graduate to the sophomore class (or is that to middle school)  *wink*

Smooches – SS


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