Balancing Act-ress

It’s saturday morning, i made a fabulous spinach broccoli quiche, my 9 year old has a sore throat, my 8 year old has been sick for 2 days and I have been fighting a summer cold for weeks.   I hit 97% of my performance goals, despite multiple furloughs in 12 months. I’m geared up for major career and personal deliverables and committed to making this a fabulous2nd half 2010!  Additionally, my BFF and I have recommitted to healthy hair, healthy body and healthy minds (i have to add healthy kids to this mix :).   Yikes!  How the h#ll does one find balance? Kids, career, networking, travel, giving back, relationships, cooking, cleaning, exercise, date night, quiet time, t.v. time, reading time, wii night, family game night, birthday parties, karate, soccer, guitar lessons . . . . hey, slow this train down, oh, can’t the breaks are out . . . . . LOL!

I mean really???? My solution prioritize and get help! Seriously, many of us (both genders) suffer from “I can do it all syndrome”.  Well, you can do it all, but you just might not be around to bask in the glory of your success.  Anyway, at the end of the day, what did you really prove.   “I can do it all syndrome” results in a multitude of other illnesses (stress, hypertension, stroke, obesity, mental illness, oh the biggie UNHAPPINESS . . .).  Of course you realize that I just made up this illness.  Funny thing is ~ I’m sure many of you are self diagnosing right now.  Here is the real time 10 step program . . .I’m thinking out loud b/c I need it . . .

1.  Prioritize

2.  Ask for help or hire good reliable  help or both!

3.  Take time for yourself – excercise, facials, massages, mediation, girls night out, poker night – whatever works for you . . .

4.  Let something go  – a load of wash, the dishes, emails, networking event, golf game . . .

5.  Re-focus on what is truly important – family, health, volunteering . . .

6.  uh oh, i’m stuck on five

. . . well if you have read the post this far, it’s a start.  Maybe you can help me with 6 – 10? I take all advice!

Smooches – SS


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