Socially Responsible Social Networking?? Does it exist . . .

I am thinking out loud today (those that know me will understand).

I am and will continue to be a huge fan of social networking.  Why not, I have reconnected with high school chums, relatives, college BFF’s and business associates.   However, where does social and business end? begin? meld? join? intersect? Does it . . . I say yes, it does.  I’m sure some folks out there are making their fortunes through social networking and some folks are trying to keep it just for “personal” connections.   Just remember that FB is a public forum yep, nothing personal or private about it that I can see.    Anyway, that’s great if the strategy works for you.  My commentary on social networks. . . . I am hypothesizing that social networking is so popular because it enables you (yes you) to feed  voyeuristic appetites in a g/p.g. rated atmosphere! How exciting – you get to connect with people, lots of people (sometimes reluctantly 🙂 and continually glimpse a world of photo’s, family gatherings, restaurant cuisine, petty arguments and even blossoming romances.   What fun and it’s legal (lol!).

You may be wondering “What is the point of this blog”.   Well, me too (I did warn you about me thinking out loud – code for I’m figuring this out as I go along) . . . but I ask . . . are you posting anything of substance?  k.i.m. (keep in mind) we need the funny posts, the family updates the TGIF’s and the I”m so tired’s.  Inquiring minds want to know that others are dragging in to work on Monday or excited about the Jets, Skins, Cowboys . . . But, beyond the day to day . . . are you (yes U) posting any content of substance??? Just curious . . . no? . . . then why not leverage social networks for good?

I challenge myself and each of you to post at least 1 post per month that is socially responsible (let’s start small).  What is socially responsible? That my friends is an explanation for another day.  ttyl ~ SS


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