“SherryTrueself Blog Bio” (not to be confused with a “bio blog”)

In lieu of the typical bio I’ll make the sophomore blog about me and since it’s MY blog excuse the lack of proper diction, grammar, punctuation, etc . . . drum roll or violin ~ here’s my story ~ I was born in VA ~ raised in OH (like a crop of something) ~ yep northeast OH.   I happen to be a female of African-American descent ~ which is technically not relevent, however, some folks will actually care about my gender and ethnicity, therefore, I’ll be transparent now.  HBCU graduate (Hampton – Go Pirates)~first job out of college with P & G ~moved to D.C. metro area ~ worked for SHRM ~moved to NY (i have been guilty of liking change – seems to work out though) ~ arrived on fashion ave (7th ave) and thought I had made it ~ the only thing I made was friends for life ~ (smile u know who you are) ~ soon realized that my salary was waaay to small to actually live in the Big A . . . alas, I took the dread unglamourous role as a recruiter with a WHAT? industrial distributor ~ in, dare I say it ~ the burbs.  The silver lining . . . ahhhh . . . great company, great boss/mentor who saw my drive potential blah, blah, blah . . . I stayed, learned and grew into what’s known as an experienced People Profesional (yea!) employee relations, eeo issues, harassment, union avoidance, diversity . . . need a program or policy. . . I’ll create it . . . . got a problem, let’s talk solutions ~ and then, I decided I was too young to kick up my feet and live off my options so . . . it was time to do something more . . . . meaningful, challenging, significant . . . sooooo . . . I joined a global F200 co.  in a start up role focused on diversity & inclusion~so what if most folks have no clue what that means ?? black & white?  Affirmative Action?  glass ceiling? Jobs for women??  displacement of the majority?  ADA? transgender? GBLT? LGBT? GenX, Gen Y?  . . . . Yes, No, Yes, Yes, No, No, Yes, yes, yesssss ~ maybe, hopefully ~ “Can’t we all just get along?” says R. King.  Good News ~ change agents luv a challenge, it’s meaningful, it’s about people, all people!! bad news ~ the avg Jane/Joe still has stereotypes and preconceptions and in my humble opinion we are NOT post racial ~ In 2010, the age of enlightenment (mental, not physical) the question of the day is still “What is diversity & inclusion?”  That folks is a blog for another day ~ ttys ~ SS

(btw if you want the real bio try linkedin or google).


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