A sista’s first blog

Happy flipping thanksgiving all!  Seriously this is my very first blog so I’ll just say what’s on my mind.  Hopefully I will be forgiven since I am a freshman blogger (lol).   Actually I love thanksgiving, but it also signifies the beginning of a season of stress for many.   We (American’s in general) are so focused on doing everything right . . . buying the right gifts . . . serving the right foods . . . inviting the right people . . . that, well, I think we have lost the meaning of the holiday season.  My boys and I were walking across the street and yes we had the walk sign and we had the right of way.  One car patiently waited for us to cross the street and #*#@%#@ the second car started honking.  Well, at least she didn’t run us over (good for her and for us).  I assume she was impatient because she had just left Costco (poor thing).  Anyway . . let’s take a moment (or an hour) to truly enjoy the holiday season (whatever your beliefs) . . . I mean it’s not that deep . . . but it should be deep, right?  Very best – SS


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